Jamming with bucket drums on Bourbon St.

These beignets were slightly unforgettable.

  Cafe du Monde on a friday afternoon

St. Louis Cathedral

December, 2018

In one of the 3 nights that me and my friend were there, we decided to get a reading. The 'signs' were everywhere. 

The city breathes such mysticism in a beautiful and historic way.

In different corners you'd hear a saxophone playing and in the other distant corner there's the tuba, the trombone, and all other interesting sounds.

But one of the most memorable time was when I came across Preservation Hall walking around the French Quarters. The room was packed but a seat right in front opened up and I sat cross legged looking up to these amazing old time jazz players absorbing all the sounds. They have a strict policy of no recordings or photos which might have heightened the experience a little bit, making it slightly more intimate.

Behind the scenes at Mardi Gras World.

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Louisiana Swamps, Dec 2018

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